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About us

About Us

Inspired by walks in nature, moments in the garden, changes of the seasons we offer one of a kind floral arrangements that reflect nature’s beauty with fun, unique flowers, twigs, leaves, pods and the occasional fruit or vegetable. The florist’s choice is always the freshest, most beautiful items available at the time of creation. Beautiful flowers are what inspires us to be in this business. We utilize fresh, organically or sustainably grown flowers direct from the farm as much as possible and as local as possible.

Our Promise

The Enchanted Florist promises unique floral designs, environmental responsibility,
the best prices and freshest product in Southern Oregon.


Unique, One of a
Kind Floral Designs


We promise that your flowers won't be a cookie cutter design that someone copied from a book or something that looks like it came half baked from a grocery store. We try hard to create your flowers like you see them on our site, but it may be necessary to create your bouquet with other flowers due to the availability of certain flowers. Care is taken to maintain the style and theme of the arrangement, using flowers of equal or higher value. We take the time and care to create each floral design for you because we take pride in the work we do and want the recipient to be happy with what we have made. When people receive our flowers we often hear this is the most gorgeous flower design they've ever received. When delivering in hospitals or offices, our designs turn heads. Those who know us will often know the flowers came from the Enchanted Florist.



  We promise to use only organic or VeriFlora Certified flowers. Although we've chosen to go this route to honor the earth, it is equally important to us to keep our customers, employees and family safe. We've heard too many horror stories from veteran florists who have had red bumps all over their arms after processing flowers and weird lumps form on on their neck over time. We promise to recycle, reduce, reuse and minimize our carbon footprint wherever we can. We buy more local flowers than any other florist in Southern Oregon.   
Best Prices,
Freshest Products
  We promise the freshest flowers direct from the farm at the best prices. Most florists buy from a middleman or wholesaler, but we're not like most florists. Since we buy direct from the farm,  flowers are shipped right after they're cut. Another great thing about buying direct you know where the flowers are coming from to ensure quality assurance when it comes to organic and VeriFlora certified.  


Our Promise: 100% Fresh Guaranteed

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