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About us

About Us

Inspired by walks in nature, moments in the garden, changes of the seasons we offer one of a kind floral arrangements that reflect nature’s beauty with fun, unique flowers, twigs, leaves, pods and the occasional fruit or vegetable. The florist’s choice is always the freshest, most beautiful items available at the time of creation. Beautiful flowers are what inspires us to be in this business. We utilize fresh, organically or sustainably grown flowers direct from the farm as much as possible and as local as possible.


All photos are a guide to color and style and are examples of possibilities based on what is available to us.  Each arrangement is made to order and no two arrangements will look the same.  Since the medium of our creations is farm fresh produce we usually can’t make the actual bouquet look just like the picture because of natural variation.   We try our best to create something as similar as possible to what you choose because we want you and the recipient to be happy with our work.  The designer always uses the freshest, most beautiful items available at the time of creation. We use the best flowers of the season, so our inventory is always changing.  Beautiful flowers are our passion, they are the reason we are in this business.  Please call us if you have specific preferences.  We can combine / adapt ideas pictured to work with your budget and preferences.  We can make your arrangement small, medium, large or more depending on the space it will be placed and what you feel comfortable spending.  The classic sized arrangements are given just as much pride in craftsmanship as larger ones.

Our Promise: 100% Fresh Guaranteed

Couture florals and fine chocolate